This post is not about physics or the complexity of the singularity. It’s not an in-depth schematic on how the universe formed or what the structure of it will resemble when humanity reaches the singularity. This post is a road sign on the information super highway. It’s the last gas station for next 100km of your journey.

Humanity is about to take a quantum leap forward. It’s about to achieve spectacular efficiencies across all industries. It’s about to embark on an evolution of mental and physical capacity that to date was only seen in sci-fi movies. The Road Curves Ahead.

Recently, there has been a buzz in the air centered around artificial intelligence, AI. Perhaps it’s because two well-known futurists have raised concerns about strong AI and its potential negative impact on society. Or maybe it’s because socialites realize that their selfies are no longer solely based on simple facial recognition software, there’s something more intimate. The intimacy they’ve felt is a deep learning algorithm scouting across enterprise servers and clouds linking bios, photos, texts, tweets and of course metadata to multiple other applications. Slippery When Wet.

In this generation, the evolution of computer science has finally aligned with the hardware, infrastructure, and most importantly data. This development has prompted multiple industries restructuring costs to adopt various forms of artificial intelligence programs. Whether it’s through sophisticated algorithms trading stocks in the financial sector, robo-advisers automatically adjusting your portfolio as unforeseen events occur, or advanced pattern recognition within social media, the machine is learning. Lanes Merge.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, there has been a profound global restructuring of costs and efficiencies. It’s most evident in banking throughout payments and lending and in equities through trading platforms and advanced strategies. The meteoric rise of FinTech solutions is not only here to stay; it’s sparked a revolution. This phenomenon isn’t an overnight revolution, but it’s the first mass adoption of products based on automation principles. Mathematicians have been working on improving algorithms to automate processes for thousands of years. Although it began with a trickle through electronic statements and trading reports, it’s now a full-blown option when rolling out corporate software and infrastructure. Yield.

Today, FinTech solutions are proving the so-called “Digital Darwinism” as banking behemoths are forced to adopt and deploy smarter solutions for the rising millennial demographic. The acceleration of adoption is not limited to global financial institutions, but emerging markets governments are encouraging deployment of solutions that enable their companies to leapfrog the old credit card infrastructure. The cashless world of mobile payments and integrated billing is not only convenient but keeps its citizenry out of credit danger. Around the corner blockchain and crypto-currencies promise to revolutionize the entire fiat currency legacy. Falling Rocks.

In the end, your survival hinges on two things: recognition of the imminent wormhole and your countermeasures to embrace it. The structure of your business and implementation of efficiencies is paramount. Whether this phenomenon is being accelerated as we’re entering the Age of Aquarius and a higher state of consciousness or just another step in the evolutionary path celebrated by the Harajuku girls’ inspired thumbing nation, one thing is clear –the future is now! Left Lane Must Turn Left.