Automate Everything

Automate. Automate. Automate. The possibilities are endless. Automation is not the end of humanity; it’s the beginning of the revolution. Over the last seventy years, society has been stuck in a rut; an endless cycle of chasing recycled dreams. There hasn’t been a clear direction for our youth and lack of direction is a lonely and destructive path. Then in the blink of an eye, a shift occurred. It wasn’t some forced ideology. It wasn’t some newfound religion. It was the natural evolution of human social behavior that happened to be driven by automation and captained by artificial intelligence. This was a good thing as this shift proved that the time of aimless wandering had ended. Does the rise of automation and artificial intelligence present problems? Of course it does, but ask yourself what game changing invention didn’t present problems. And Homo sapiens are at their best and most resilient under pressure.

As we embrace this dilemma, it’s clear that the age-old cycle of wash, rinse, repeat generation after generation must be broken. Looking back at our history one learns that despite the vast distances between our cultures, despite the ideological differences, and despite that other human need of conquest we’ve flourished. Upon studying one another’s history and applying ideas and technologies in our own space new paths appeared. It’s these new paths, developed through this interaction, that have brought us to this crossroads in the human experiment.

As we studied our histories and applied ideas and technologies learned from one another’s cultures new paths have appeared. It’s these new paths developed through the interchanging of ideas that will drive us to our rightful place in the universe – explorers.

In order to rediscover the ancient courage of those original explorers that ventured off the savanna settling in farms and villages we need the motivation and tools. It’s clear that the tools are advancing everyday. The motivation? That’s different for each person, but the goal is the same. For my part, I’m a massive fan of technological advancement and the progressing machine learning because I know that whilst it may present danger it can also present fantastic possibilities.

It’s easy to fall back into the background and do nothing. But what about following our poets and thinkers before us about taking the road less traveled. Shouldn’t we look at this evolution of technology as an opportunity to expand our minds and our presence? Is there a way that developing the artificial intelligence with proper controls can advance us beyond the stars? And don’t we owe it to one another to try?