About Nydeggen

Nydeggen is a place for curious and collaborative minds to tap into an information stream covering processes and technologies that are changing the world.

As we all know, the speed of technological evolution is accelerating on a daily basis and as such, a number of emerging and evolving industries warrant further study if one is to venture forth and succeed. It seems that no one thing connects all of the different industries more than the principle of automation.

Automation stems from the core trait that separated humans from all other forms of life on the planet –pattern recognition. The ability to recognize and make decisions based on patterns has allowed Homo sapiens to survive and prosper against unbelievable odds that caused countless numbers of species to go extinct.

It’s with this basic understanding coupled with a new generation’s behavioral shift in decision making that has pushed up the need for society to understand and adopt these new technologies, which in the end could be the catalyst for another evolutionary step forward not only for machines, but for all mankind.

We look forward to publishing original thought provoking content as well as aggregating breaking news headlines about these technologies in one place from across the world. This is the first step in a long road ahead. We hope that you will join us on this journey and welcome collaboration and suggestions.

J. Martin